We Make Pay Per Click Advertising Easy


More than 60% of sales now come from the top 3 listings on Google & Bing. The percentage is higher for high end retail businesses and niche service related companies like kitchen and bath renovations. So being listed in these paid results or having great organic search results can really make a difference. Those companies are not just spending on pay per click advertising because they want to, they are making money!

Getting your company page 1 on Google at the right times is our goal.

The great thing with PPC is that if you get the right message online, then you wait for the business to start rolling in. No it’s not that easy. But do you know a better way to reach millions of people in your area and tell them about how great your company is and why they should do business with you?

Pay Per Click advertising involves setting up the account properly, monitoring, and making changes. The setup process along with the appropriate tracking is vital to knowing what’s working and what’s not. Each Pay Per Click campaign is unique. A campaign for a restaurant will be totally different from a high end luxury jewelry store. Our experience working with clients in both industries allows us to create effective PPC campaigns based on real results. We do not just stuff a lot of keywords in an account, writes some ads and let it go. It’s unfortunate but that happens more often that you think.

One of our main goals is to explain your PPC advertising so you understand it. In order to get the best results you need to know what’s going on and so do we. Keeping you updated is our responsibility but it’s a two way street. In order to determine things like cost per conversion, we can use industry averages but it is much better if we get that information from you and apply it to your customized campaign. Companies generally like to focus the cost per click. It’s definitely important but what’s more important is to make sure that your campaign is profitable.

Just like every other part of digital marketing, the key to success is working with the client and executing properly. Learn more about pay per click advertising and how it can increase your business.