SEO 101

SEO is a very popular term now but what is it and why does it seem so confusing?

What is SEO (search engine optimization)? There are lots of different ways to describe or define SEO. When I think of SEO, I think of getting your website to show up on the search engine when someone searches for information that is contained in your website without paying Google (Google Ads). There are billions of websites online so to be able to rank on the first page is a statement of your knowledge about the topic and is extremely valuable. I’ve read a lot of books and articles about SEO and the best way that I’ve heard it explained is “doing a lot of small things right on a consistent basis” to increase your website’s organic (non-paid) search results.

how difficult is SEO

It’s not easy and the level of difficulty has a lot to do with the topic, industry, and keywords or search phrases that you are trying to optimize for. For instance, getting ranked for “best SEO companies” will be infinitely more difficult than something like “best frozen yogurt franchises”.  It’s never easy but if you take time to do the basic on-page and off-page SEO tasks (coding and website content), you’ll have a good chance of getting results because a lot of people forget about the basics. Unlike paid search advertising, you’ll never know when all of your optimization efforts will pay off. But once you start seeing results from all of your work, it can be very fulfilling.

There are so many digital marketing companies that provide SEO services by extremely talented people, so to be able to get ranked on the first page right next to them is an accomplishment. That is a part of why I enjoy SEO so much. It’s not about winning per se; it’s about being able to compete with the best of the best, especially if it’s a highly competitive industry or phrase. Once you start getting your website good organic search placements, your business will benefit from it and you’ll save yourself a lot of money by not having to pay Google for ads. 

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