Data Analytics – The Art of Learning

Data Analytics – Information For Success

Data analytics is looking at your website traffic, historical trends, and past experience to drive better decision. Why is this valuable? It gives you a picture of what’s going on with your business at a very high level. It also provides organizations the power to make predictions that drive improvements in operational decisions that previously did not exist. 

Your website is no longer just your online business card. Those days are gone. You should be using it to build better relationships with your customers and make money for your business. You can be a jeweler, a local tire shop, roofing company, dentist, etc.; the more you know about your customers, the better. 

website analytics to improve business decisions

There’s a wealth of data and insights that you can get from knowing more about your customers and prospects. At the very least, you can use this information to improve your marketing strategies, customer retention, and customer satisfaction. All of these things can help your business business grow. But you have to have the tools in place to gather, analyze, and interpret the data. That’s the value of marketing analytics service. 

Here are a few scenarios. Let’s say you added a new page to your website. Wouldn’t you want to know if people were checking it out? If you’re doing any paid advertising and sending them to a page on your website, wouldn’t you want to know how long they’re staying on that page? If you are paying for a lot of “clicks” are you getting any money from them or are visitors getting to the page and then leaving it? If you got double the amount of new customers from a different page, wouldn’t you want to make the switch? Where are you getting most of your traffic from? 

Data analytics to make better business decisions

All of this valuable information starts with website analytics. But you have to setup your website to track your visitors, have the knowledge to create the right reports, and take the time to interpret them into useful information. Most business owners barely have enough time to take care of everything on a daily basis. With our analytics service, we do all of the work to track and interpret your website data to help you increase sales, get better marketing results, and make the right decisions for your business.

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