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Be the best at the basics

I heard this phrase recently while watching a football game. It was the Buffalo Bills vs. the New England Patriots. The Patriots have won the Super Bowl championship six times which makes them a football dynasty and Tom Brady, the GOAT (greatest of all time). It’s one thing to win once or twice, but when you win a competition at such a high level six times, there must be a system that everyone in the organization believes in and lives by.

During the game one of the commentators said “they are the best at doing the basics”. As soon as he said that I immediately thought about how that statement applies to digital advertising services. That simple statement is the key to being successful at any endeavor in life. If you break down the problems to its basic components and master them, then you will be successful in that field.

the basics of SEO and PPC for success

So how does this apply to SEO? We have found that most websites are missing the basic components of website optimization. Header tags are missing, the meta-descriptions and titles are not relevant, and the website content does not contain keywords that relate to the business. Without these core basics of proper SEO, you cannot expect the website to have great organic search results.

That is the reason why when we take on a new SEO project, we start with a website audit. This allows us to break down and examine all the basics to see what we have and then put a plan together to get better organic search results for our clients. In order for you to be the best SEO professional, you have to read, learn, and study what’s going on with SEO at all times. Mastering the basic SEO components provides you with an edge over the competition.

So how does this apply to pay per click advertising? We charge a one-time setup fee for PPC campaigns because it takes a lot of work. A lot of companies don’t charge any fees because their setup process is done quickly, without much consideration about structure, writing ads, and adjusting the bidding. These are basic components of a successful PPC campaign. So being the best at the basics allows us to create a better campaign to get the best results at the lowest cost.

the basics of seo and ppc

Google has made pay per click advertising “easy” for anyone that wants to start an account and spend money. But pay per click advertising is extremely competitive and full of very intelligent trained professionals. So how can you compete with the best? You can’t. You will waste time and money on clicks that will bring no value to your business. But that’s not the reason Google has made pay per click advertising “easy”. They did it because they want to make more
money for the company. Makes sense, right?

The simple statement “be the best at doing the basics” is the key to being successful at anything. Without being the best at the basics, you can never be the best or continue when it gets really hard. It doesn’t matter if you’re a digital marketing agency, sports team, or a local restaurant. The Internet has provided people access to more information than ever before. So you have to be the best at what you do to win.

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