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Building a website is not easy, especially if you want to do it right. Almost all websites will have certain pages like about us, services, and a contact us section. But, if your objective is to build a great medical website for doctors, you’ll have to take into consideration things that are very specific such as patient billing portals, automated appointment scheduling systems, downloadable patient forms, lab results, parking and directions, and all the services that are unique to a medical practice.

medical website design for doctorsThe idea of any good website is for it to be easy to use and provide excellent tools for the user. In the case of a medical website, you would want to provide a patient login portal. This would allow the user an easy way to access their own records, manage appointments, view test results, request prescription refills, and communicate with their physician through a secure HIPPA compliant email system. 

HIPPA compliant email systemIt may even be a good idea to have a section for insurance questions with links to companies like Care Credit or articles that will provide financing options for patients. Most patients will have some form of insurance, so it’s a good idea to have a section that provides them with information about accepted insurances and procedures that will need prior approval.

Testimonials are an important addition to any site and especially a medical website. People want to read about the experiences that others have had before choosing where to go for their medical needs. A good medical practice website should also provide physician biography pages to give information on when and where they studied, what they studied, and any specialties that they are certified or licensed in.

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If you have someone that can manage and update blogs and articles you may want to consider those for a medical website. It’s always a good idea to provide your patients with pertinent information related to their health and any advances in medicine. You can also include information about community health fairs, free screenings, fitness classes, charitable events, and more in this section of your website. 

Lastly, a good medical site will display a color scheme that is right for the type of practice. For example, a pediatric clinic would use multiple bright and lively colors to send a message of fun and excitement. On the other hand, an Oncology practice may choose to use neutral or warmer colors on their site to provide a sense of comfort. Always choose colors that are easy on the eyes and not too bright or too dark.

All of the information provided above is an example of the details that we consider when designing a medical practice website. There are no cookie cutter templates here. We know that there are unique items and specific information that needs to be included for each type of practice. Being able to provide the best website that is particular to your needs and easy to use for your patients is what we strive for.

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