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What PPC Management Services Fits Your Needs?

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How do you find the right PPC management services? First, let’s take a step back and define PPC management services. You probably know what the last two words are so let’s just work on the first. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. So it means Pay Per Click management services.

If you’re looking for PPC management services, then you’re a company that is looking to do some paid search advertising, don’t know where to start or have used a PPC company in the past, and didn’t get the results that you were looking for. Unfortunately, the second is very common.

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In order to find a company that provides good PPC management services, do a lot of research first. You need to really need to learn about the company and their experience managing Pay Per Click advertising. Top Pay Per Click advertising companies are often using paid ads to advertise their own services. So a good way to start is by doing searches for ‘PPC management services’ and see who comes up. I mean if a company can’t rank well for what they are claiming that they are experts at, I would consider that a small red flag.

Second, when you do the searches, you should look for the companies that have good organic search result. What I mean by that is that they are coming up on the first or second page of Google search results organically (non-paid) results. Typically the first 4 results of any online search will be paid ads and will have a small square next to the ad saying just that. Under those results, you’ll see the organic or natural search results and then you’ll 3 more paid ads at the bottom.

Finding the best PPC management company with a honest reputation is extremely important to your business. The right one should be in tune with your company’s goals, taking the time to learn about your business, and keeping everything transparent. The wrong company can lead to terrible results and a waste of money and time. You should also consider the size of the PPC management company that you are thinking about using based on your needs. Why is that important? Well if you’re working with a very large Pay Per Click advertising company, there’s a good chance that you’ll be just another client without getting the personal attention that you may be looking for. We’ve often found that working with smaller companies provides me an opportunity to work more closely with them.

If you’re looking for more personal PPC management services, it might be better that you work with a smaller company with fewer clients. We’ve found that most clients want more personal management services but end up going with a large ‘digital marketing agency’ that provides pay per click services as a part of what they do. But in the end, you’re just a small fish in a large pond. Unless you’re a really large company like Coca-Cola or Home Depot, this might not be the right choice. As a digital marketing company, we would love to have Coca-Cola as a client.  But we need to determine if we have the resources to properly take care of their needs. If not, as much as we want the business, we should refer them to a larger company to work with so they get the best results. That’s just the right thing to do.

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Finally, lots of very good Pay Per Click advertising companies will have great feedback that they’ve earned. That’s great but that should not be the main reason why you should go with them. Having 50+ positive reviews is great but if you’ve worked with 1,000+ clients, it may not such a good thing. That again goes back to the last point, what do YOU need and are looking for. Just like anything important business decision, you should ask for testimonials and contact some recent clients that they have worked with to get their feedback about the company. Don’t just take the PPC company’s word for it. Ask their clients and you may want to ask for companies that are in your industry and similar in size because then you’re comparing apples to apples.

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