SEO Trends For 2018

Best SEO website trends for 2018 that you should implement for better search placement rankings.

SEO for your business is more important than ever before because of how people are searching online. If you’re not getting good organic search results for relevant search phrases, you won’t reach your target audience which means that you’re losing business to your competitors.

Consumers spent over $450 Billion in online sales in 2017 an increase of 16%. A lot of these purchases are in retail and e-commerce. So if you own a business in either category, the value of SEO for your business to stay ahead of your competitors is critical. Just think about it. If more people are going online to research and purchase things, then your business will benefit from great organic search results.

Here’s a list of SEO Trends for 2018 to consider that will improve your SEO rankings.

More people are doing searches on their phones so creating content that is focused on intent which is providing the best answer to a voice search. In the past, SEO was primary created for keywords and search terms which worked. But as more people search by talking to their phones, knowing how to provide answers based on the content of the search will play a much bigger role.

voice seo website search trends for 2018

That leads into our next trend which is intent. If you can provide people with the right answer when they do a search on their phones, your natural search rankings will improve.

Video content will account for more than 70% of all online searches. Whether it’s watching a music video, product video, or how to videos, the people will watch more of them because it’s easy and people don’t like to read if they don’t have to. After Google’s main search engine, then there’s YouTube coming in #2. Making sure that you have a good video presence with good content for your target audience will help you in a big way going forward.

SSL certicate SEO fix

One of the easiest ways to improve your search rankings is by getting an SSL certificate for your website. Because people want to be safe browsing online, if your website is not ‘secure’ by Google’s standards, you search results will drop. By investing less than $400 to get your SSL certificate from your website hosting company, and your website will be in good standing.

The overall process of SEO to get better natural search ranking won’t change. It still takes time, being consistent and giving people what they are searching for. But with the implementation of these few SEO search trends, your organic rankings will improve.

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