Local SEO for Franchises

local SEO for franchises

Franchisors make money through selling franchises and when the franchisees are successful. That’s because they are getting franchise fees and monthly royalties. The franchise fee is just a one time fee. So smart franchisors will have a strategy for local SEO for franchises to get new customers and make more from the franchise royalties.

Investing in local SEO for franchisees is extremely important for businesses that have most of their customers in or very close to the business location. It is low hanging fruit especially for niche businesses it is a great opportunity to dominate their markets.

Niche industries like roofing and siding businesses or water damage removal generally are big-ticket business items so the investment in local SEO is totally worth. Start your SEO efforts on smaller cities around the major metropolitan cities. As you slowly start getting traction in the smaller markets, it will make it easier for you to get traction in the larger cities that they surround.

Here’s a list of items that will improve your local SEO for franchisees:

  1. List all of your franchise locations in Google maps
  2. Create profiles in local online directories like yelp and keep them updated
  3. Use location-based content on your website
  4. Use website code that is specific for your franchise locations
  5. Ask your customers for reviews and recommendations

As a franchisor the more value your franchise can provide to a new franchisee the better. If you’re helping your franchisees make more money, then you both win. A quality franchise website should be a part of the package. But having a solid local SEO strategy can help your new franchise location dominate their markets and create a stronger franchisee network that is providing a strong stream of royalties every month.

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