PPC Ad Scheduling for HVAC Companies

PPC Ad Scheduling For HVAC Companies

The HVAC industry is growing and extremely competitive. Generating quality leads at a reasonable price is a high priority. But generating leads for HVAC companies is not only competitive but can be very expensive especially if your company doesn’t have the funnel of referral business from happy customers.

ppc advertising for HVAC companiesThe average cost per click for a Google ads campaign for HVAC companies can be expensive. So in order for you to maximize your daily budget, we suggest running ads during peak hours. If you do not provide emergency air conditioning repair services, your ads should not be running in the middle of the night. Even if you have a $200-$300 daily budget, with just a few clicks your campaign might be done for the day. If you’re an HVAC company that provides emergency 24-hour services ad scheduling is not as important since you can make sales after business hours.

ppc ad scheduling for HVAC Companies

It’s hard to know when your customers will be looking for an HVAC company. But after your campaign has been running for a little bit and you start getting data from your analytics, you will get a much better understanding of when the best days and times are for conversions. After you determine the best days and times for getting conversions, you can schedule your Google ads campaign to run on those days and times.

Pay per click advertising for HVAC companies can be effective in generating local business leads. But the average cost per click for HVAC terms can be expensive and it can deplete your daily budget quickly. PPC ad scheduling for your HVAC company to modify your bids for days and times when you have higher conversion rates. Implementing ad scheduling will help you keep your campaign active when you have the best opportunity to reach customers. You can also use ad scheduling to modify your bids for days and times when you have higher conversion rates and to maximize your advertising dollars.

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