More Business With Pay Per Click Advertising

Explosive Growth With Pay Per Click Advertising

Advertising on Google, otherwise known as Pay Per Click, can increase sales for companies. It’s not easy but with a good strategy and high quality landing pages that are optimized for conversions, you will see results. If you don’t have the time or experience to manage your Google Pay Per Click campaign, look for company that specializes in PPC to work with because the last thing you want to do is get a lot of unqualified clicks and burn through your budget.

Building a successful business takes a lot of work and a great team. Let’s face it, there is more competition and talent everywhere trying to make the next ‘cool’ widget or service that everyone needs. But with the evolution of the Internet and the use of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people have the ability to reach more people around the world. Not only can you reach them, you can target people by demographics! We have established clients in the high-end luxury jewelry business that are growing their online sales by 50% or more from advertising on Google.

Pay Per Click advertising has really changed the ability for businesses to compete at a much higher level against bigger more established companies then ever before. Not only that, machine learning and search algorithm changes are improving the effectiveness of online advertising by learning web users’ behaviors in order to provide the best answer to any online search.

A good website that’s properly optimized and a good Pay Per Click advertising strategy, can give a new business a great chance of success in an established market or industry. This means that very well-established businesses without good websites or businesses that believe that they don’t need to do any advertising are losing business to new competition. A great example would be the restaurant industry. You could be the best restaurant in a city but without a nice website, visitors to your town will look online and decide to go to another restaurant because of what they see online. It’s not because they have a better food or service. It’s about what they see and what others are saying online.  How do you think a 30 second video out of nowhere goes viral?

If you take the time to build a solid online foundation and back it up with quality work, you’ll end up catching up to your competition and passing them regardless of how long you’ve been in business. I stress backing it up with quality work and service because once you get their business, repeat business and referrals will help continue to grow business at no cost!

Want to see if Google can help you grow your business but just don’t know how to start, give us a call. We can explain the process of Pay Per Click advertising in a way you can understand.

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